Gallery geared up for new exhibition

Posted on Thursday, 09th June, 2016

The Manning Regional Art Gallery team have been all systems go this week as they prepare for an exciting new exhibition which will officially open at 3pm on Saturday 11 June.

This exhibition is going to be a little bit different in that it will feature four different and unique artists including Heather Ellyard, Jana Pearceova, Pat Land and Don Gentle.

Heather Ellyard will be displaying ‘Continuum 3: uncertainties above and below’, which deals with our increasing vulnerabilities in relation to beliefs, conflicts and disappearances in an atmosphere of global imbalance. Continuum is an ongoing project, a trajectory of all that matters to Heather Ellyard, from black holes to geo-politics, from the universe to very small human details. Ellyard is represented by Janet Clayton Gallery, Sydney and the gallery is excited to show this touring exhibition.

Jana Pearceova’s ‘Place and memory’ exhibition investigates connections, revealing differences and bringing greater cultural understanding between the two places she calls home, Australia and Slovakia.   

Pat Land was born and raised in England and while he moved to Taree 12 years ago, he says he subconsciously absorbed its landscape and imagery. Pat’s ‘Timeline’ exhibition is an autobiographical display about the changing rhythms of repetition, the rich fissures of surface erosions and the bright textures of the living organisms which call the stones home.

The fourth artist, Don Gentle, will be exhibiting his ‘Still life’ paintings. Don says, “My production of the occasional still life was accelerated after Margaret Olley died and I painted the tribute. After this, I decided I enjoyed the genre, so continued and this exhibition is a sampling of the result.”

Acting Gallery Director, Rachel Piercy, is looking forward to the exhibition and the fabulous range of works on display. “We’re lucky to have these highly regarded artists featuring their work and I encourage the community to come along to check it out!”

The exhibition will run from Saturday 11 June to Sunday 24 July and will be open during normal gallery hours from Wednesday to Saturday 10am to 4pm and Sunday 1pm to 4pm.  Visit for more information.