Friends of the Gallery logog

The Friends of the Manning Regional Art Gallery (FOGs) is an independent, voluntary, not for profit organisation committed to supporting and developing the Manning Regional Art Gallery and the growth of the visual arts in the Manning Valley. Some of our members are practising artists while others are not. We have no paid officials and have relied on the generosity of volunteers, sponsors and donors for over 25 years.
             FOGS works in conjunction with the FOGS Art Fund Trust, administered by three independent trustees - Dr Philip Walkom Gallery Patron, Paul Stack Managing Director Stacks Finance and Shane Crellin, Chartered Accountant.  The FOGS Art Fund Trust has Deductible Gift Recipient status and donations are tax deductible, being used to support the  Manning Regional Art Gallery, the Manning Art Prize and promote the visual arts in our community. Approximately 100 FOGs volunteers work at the Gallery, in reception and retail, unpacking and organising artworks, installing and dismantling exhibitions, assisting with the organisation of and catering for exhibition openings and other events, and grounds maintenance.

2016 Friends of the Manning Regional Art Gallery Committee:

President: Peter Hugill 
Vice President: Dusty Walkom
Secretary: Julienne Richardson
Treasurer: John Holme
Membership Officer: Jenny Meek 
Volunteer Roster Officer: Anke de Reuver 
Public Officer: David Denning
Sandy Gray
Kim Hamilton
Peter Hassell
Jill Illidge
Alana Parkins
Norman Shapro
Liz Worth 

Would you like to become involved?  Our Committee members are present at all Gallery functions and would love to meet and talk with you.   Our monthly meetings are held on at 4.30pm on the 4th Wednesday of each month at the Gallery – please come along and join us.  You can contact us for further information, make Donations, or apply to become a member online.

FOGS welcomes new volunteers who assist the Gallery in the following ways;

  • staff the welcome desk
  • retail sales in the Gallery shop
  • ‘hanging parties’ for the installation of exhibitions
  • catering for opening nights
  • working bees to maintain the Gallery grounds

For more information about FOGs, including membership application forms and please visit the new The Friends website.